RAWA S.A.R.L. is a Lebanese based Engineering & Contracting Company founded in 1998 by Engineer Yasser A. Noureddine. Since, it has achieved a remarkably progressive growth by succeeding to expand its field of work and expertise in the public and private sectors, while attaining the highest level of quality. With time, it has also adopted a set of Policies and Standards to develop, modernize and diversify its activities. It is different from other companies as it provides timely, unique and high quality services to our respected clients. As an engineering & contracting company, it strives hard to stand up to the expectations of the community. Due to its abundant history, adopted high standards and expertise in the field, RAWA S.A.R.L. was classified by the Ministry of Work in Lebanon, by the Ministry of Hydraulics and Electric Resources in Lebanon, and by the Council for Development and Reconstruction in Lebanon as a First Degree Company.

What we offer

Residential Towers

Since 2006 up to date, we took on dozens of private and public Residential Tower Projects including but not limited to design, build and operation/management.

Private Villas

Since 1996 up to date, we managed luxury Private Villa Projects including but not limited to Structural/ Architectural/ Landscaping design, execution and operation/ management.

Interior Design

We offer integrated interior design services, including renovations and additions whilst providing creative and sustainable solutions to commercial and residential spaces.

Consulting and Design

We offer notable consulting and design services including but not limited to feasibility studies for substantiated projects, technical design and advising for engineering projects, supervision of second party works, quality control, quantity surveying, time scheduling and manpower allocation, financial forecast and fund allocation, correspondences and claims preparation and proceedings.

Water Resources

We also offer exceptional Hydraulic services, accomplishing numerous big scale and prestigious projects in the public sector. Our work includes hydraulics feasibility studies, data collection and analysis, technical design, supervision and implementation, as well as scheduling and financial management of public projects. We also conduct studies for private reservoirs and allocated buildings, as well as water treatment plants, water networks and pump stations.


Initially, we were established as an Infrastructure Contracting Company, proving ourselves on many occasions. Our scope of work involves roads and bridges feasibility studies, data collection and analysis, technical design, supervision and implementation, as well as scheduling and financial management of public projects etc.

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Ras Beirut artisan inspires mural in Hamra

Alexander Durie | The Daily Star BEIRUT: Anyone stumbling onto the crossroads of Tannoukhiyeen and Kuwait Streets, known by many Ras Beirut residents as “Abu Taleb” (after a shop that used to occupy a nearby corner), will find a new mural. Painted on the side of a structure still under construction, the work depicts an old man plying an antique trade. Abdul-Razak Shehab, on whose image the mural is based, passed away in 2014 at the age of 85. It’s said he was Ras Beirut’s last “mobayed” - a person who practices the artisanal craft of polishing copper pans. Standing 41 meters high, the mural is the latest addition to NGO Ahla Fawda’s Art of Change project, whose stated goal is to empower communities through urban art. This is the NGO’s fifth Beirut mural, the most recent having been unveiled in Hamra last May. The new mural was produced to honor Beirut’s rapidly dwindling local communities and long-standing families, who have so often been displaced by urban development and gentrification, while paying tribute to a now obsolete profession. Ahla Fawda commissioned the work from Greek-born street artist Simple G, who has installed an array of public art pieces across Europe. The artist had never been in Lebanon before being invited to paint this mural, his tallest yet, which he completed in three days. “I wanted to paint the work, not the worker,” Simple G informed The Daily Star. He said the family asked him to render the elder Shehab’s face so that the figure resembles any old man. While the work depicts Shehab, then, it can be seen to represent any Beirut laborer working his craft in his family neighborhood. The artist applied color only to the figure’s gloves, to emphasize the manual craftsmanship of his labor. The mural’s evocation of neighborhood history adorns a building that’s been under construction for the past three years and the developer, RAWA Engineering, paid for the work. Yasser Noureddine, RAWA’s chairman, says he’s on personal terms with the Shehab family and wanted to pay homage to Abdul-Razak Shehab. “These days, most people sell their land and leave Beirut to go live outside town, but this family refused and wanted to stay on its grandfather’s land,” Noureddine said. “I wanted to honor Shehab’s work, but also the ordinary people of this neighborhood.” Other members of the Shehab family, who for generations lived in a building facing the site, will, Noureddine said, be moved into the structure bearing Abdul-Razak’s mural. “Each family will have a new apartment in this building,” Noureddine promised. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on July 17, 2019, on page 12

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